Meet Dennis

Meet Dennis, a native of the Pacific Northwest, which means he actually knows how to enjoy a rainy day. He is the father of three grown children. He's been in ten foreign countries and driven through all but six states (he has yet to visit Hawaii!).

A graduate of Colorado Christian University, Dennis worked as a flight test mechanic at Boeing and helped build the first 767. Over the last 25 years, he has owned three businesses. He has been a professional keynote and motivational speaker for ten years, and he teaches the popular StoryTelling 101 Workshops.

Dennis is the author of the Amazon best-seller book, Fumes and a Prayer: How to Live at the Edge and Still Be Home for Dinner.

The Man - The Myth - The Message


The Man

The Myth

The Myth


(go ahead...time it!)

WHO: From climbing mountains to teaching people to fly, from sailing on Puget Sound to starting three businesses, Dennis Bauer is an expert at showing you how to grab the wheel when The Unexpected happens.

WHAT: Funny and energetic keynote speech with a powerful message served up in three highly effective strategies for taking charge and for responding when The Unexpected happens.

WHEN: To open or close your meeting, conference, convention or event with a memorable blast!

WHERE: Any organization or association where there is change, stress or living human beings who are trying to accomplish something.

WHY: To blend in perfectly with meeting themes of change, leadership, management, sales, customer service and personal development. A targeted message for business and professional audiences of all kinds.

HOW: Hilarious stories and engaging examples that empower three timeless principles, centered around the three words Dennis recalled from his flight instructor the day he ran out of fuel while flying a private plane over northern Colorado.


The Myth

The Myth

The Myth

MYTH: Dennis Bauer was in line for the next Apollo moon landing before the program ended.

fact: He met Col. James Irwin, who actually did walk on the moon and who gave him an autographed photo. And Dennis actually was a flight instructor who, with certain students, made him wonder what he was doing there!


MYTH: Dennis Bauer climbed Mt. Everest, blindfolded, backwards, solo.

fact: Dennis Bauer read a book about Mt. Everest. And he's stood on top of mountains over 14,000' high and wondered what he was doing there. 


MYTH: Dennis Bauer built a sailboat from scratch and sailed it solo around the world. From north to south. Twice.

fact: He watched a video of the catastrophic Sydney-Hobart race and decided to stay on the waters of beautiful Puget Sound. And he actually got caught in an electrical storm with a 40' aluminum mast pointing at the sky like a lightening rod, making him wonder why he was there.


MYTH: Dennis Bauer inspired several major motion pictures including Indiana Jones, Star Trek, 007, and Avatar.

fact: He has actually seen those movies. And if he actually inspired any screenplay, it would be Walter Mitty, except the author wrote that story before Dennis was born.


The Message

The Myth

The Message

In a motivational and inspirational presentation, laced with humor, Dennis Bauer presents the story and the lessons... lessons you will use to be prepared to experience life, sometimes at the edge, always prepared.

Dennis Bauer's message comes from his life. From owning three businesses, climbing mountains, flying airplanes, crewing sailboats, raising three kids... 

to traveling by car through 44 states and visiting 9 countries.

He draws from his experiences as a pilot and flight instructor to teach principles a pilot uses to prepare for, and to handle the unexpected.

The day his engine quit 5,000' over northern Colorado, he used the same three keys that he explains to his audiences... 

keys that apply to life, to business, and to leadership.

Dennis Bauer is a best-selling author and award-winning speaker. He gives audiences an original model for planning and living any venture where unexpected things can happen... which is just about anywhere!

"Sometimes life is like that. You pray your way to a gas station. You get run down, or the things of life and business get you down. How you handle the situation right then will make the difference between success and failure, maybe even life or death."

- Dennis Bauer, Motivational Keynote Speaker and Author of 

"Fumes and a Prayer: How to Live at the Edge and Still Be Home for Dinner."